Individual Coaching

Why puzzle alone over all the pieces of your career transition? Guided by a coach, you can have a simpler transition – more swiftly and successfully. If you are not an expert in career search, now is the time to work with a coach who is.

Hiring a coach is the right choice for you if...

  • You are looking to make a significant career transition
  • You do not have a clear next career step
  • You have not updated your career branding materials for a few years
  • You have been searching for a few months and not getting any interviews
  • You consistently make it to the first interview, but not the second
  • You do not have a strong network and applying online is your primary strategy
  • You are in a negative place due to chronic unemployment or a difficult exit from your prior company
  • You are a new-comer to Canada

Foundational Package

During your three-phase transition, you will:

  • Set your career plan
  • Determine your targeted next position career options aligned with your plan
  • Establish your career brand focus supported with assessments
  • Produce brand marketing collateral to ensure employer/HR/recruiter attention in the recruitment market
  • Enhance your skills in networking and interviewing
  • Negotiate your offer and transition into your next career position

8-week program with optional additional coaching sessions to extend the period of support

Enhanced Package

The three-phase transition of the Foundational Package is enhanced by the fueling power of Mental Fitness which provides a competitive advantage in all of your life activities.

8-week program with optional additional coaching sessions to extend the period of support

Career Coaching

This transition is an opportunity to assess your career; past, present and future. Working with a professional coach you will reflect, reframe, and re-energize. Perhaps you are on your ideal path with clear career milestones or maybe you are now considering a major transition and need to think that through. Guidance from an experienced coach will ensure that you set the strategy that best supports your career vision.

In building a puzzle the most important piece is the picture on the box. Career coaching gives you an opportunity to ensure you have that picture.

Career Search

Guided by an expert in recruitment, you will efficiently build your fundamental portfolio of collateral to market yourself and enhance your skills to successfully target, research, compete and negotiate your next career position.

In this phase, you will fit seamlessly all of the pieces together.

Career Transitioning

For the vast majority, a career search has lows and highs. Working with a coach you will diminish the lows both flattening and shortening them. With milestones to keep you energized and focused, your coach is your accountability partner, your counsel for the whys and hows of recruitment, and your role-play practice coach.

As you fit in more pieces you start to build some momentum, but the puzzle is not complete until you have transitioned successfully into your new position.

Mental Fitness

Applying the Mental Fitness program will ensure your simpler transition during a career search and will yield long-term results in your life. The program is tailored to respond to the challenging realities of a career search and to build your resilience, productivity, and energy to capture the opportunities that exist during a career search.

When building Mental Fitness you are cued to do very short and simple exercises using a proprietary app on your device. The proven outcomes, based on 500,000 prior participants, are; enhanced performance, peace of mind/wellness, and improved relationships.

If you have thoughts and worries sabotaging your success during this transition, you miss being creative, confident, and memorable.

Mental Fitness - Enhanced Package

If any of these statements sound familiar, then the Mental Fitness option is for you...

  • I can fix this situation. I will work 24/7 to find my next position swiftly.
  • I should not have let this happen to me. I have ruined my career.
  • I am too _______________old… young…new to Canada…over-qualified…under-qualified.
  • My accent is stopping me.
  • I should have developed my network before now.
  • My resume speaks for me. I don’t have to worry about the interview.
  • I will focus on posted positions on job boards. I don’t really need to network.

With greater Mental Fitness, you can reduce the time you are distracted by negative emotions - such as fear, anger, anxiety, and frustration and increase the time you are focused, performing, and enjoying enhanced relationships. You achieve better performance in your career search when you think and act with Mental Fitness.

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