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A simpler transition is achieved when your outbound employees work with a professional coach who guides them through one of two pathways.

Foundational Package

The outbound employee will:

  • Set a career plan
  • Determine targeted next position career options
  • Establish career brand focus supported with assessments
  • Produce brand marketing collateral that will ensure employer/HR/recruiter attention in the recruitment market
  • Enhance skills in networking and interviewing
  • Transition swiftly and successfully

These three phases are uniquely supported by a concurrent program in Mental Fitness which fuels resilience, accountability, creativity, and productivity.

3-month program with optional additional coaching sessions to extend the period of support

Executive Package

Includes the Foundational Package and enhanced by a Mastermind Program


  • More coaching through career plan review
  • Evolving options in next career position
  • Networking introductions
  • Joining a Mastermind support group of similar level individuals facilitated by a certified coach

6-month program with optional additional coaching sessions to extend the period of executive coaching

Career Coaching

This transition is an opportunity for the outbound employees to assess their career; past, present and future. Working with a professional coach encourages them to reflect, reframe, and re-energize.

When building a puzzle the most important piece is the picture on the box. Career coaching gives outbound employees an opportunity to ensure they have that picture.

Career Search

Guided by an expert in recruitment, outbound employees will efficiently build their fundamental portfolio of collateral to market to their next employer. They will be coached to enhance their skills to successfully target, research, compete and negotiate their next career position.

This part seamlessly fits all of the pieces together.

Career Transitioning

For the vast majority, a career search has lows and highs. Working with a coach, outbound employees will experience reduced lows. With milestones to stay energized and focused, a coach provides accountability, counsel for the whys and hows of recruitment, and role-play practice.

As outbound employees fit together more pieces they start to build some momentum, but the puzzle is not complete until they have transitioned successfully into their new position.

Mental Fitness

Applying the Mental Fitness program will ensure a simpler transition during a career search and will change the focus from what was lost to what is the future. The program is tailored to respond to the challenging realities of a career search and to build the outbound employee’s resilience and energy to capture the opportunities that exist during a career search.

When building Mental Fitness the client is cued to do very short and simple exercises using a proprietary app on a device. The proven outcomes, based on 500,000 prior participants, are: enhanced performance, peace of mind/wellness, and improved relationships.

If the outbound employee is focused on thoughts and worries sabotaging success during this transition, he/she misses being creative, confident, and memorable.

Mastermind - Executive Package

Individuals in a career search can feel disconnected, especially when between positions. Being part of a Mastermind Group provides community, stimulation, and learning. This leads to expanded opportunities in networking, insights, ideas, and practice. At senior management levels, typically a career transition takes months. The Mastermind experience provides invaluable connections and increases accountability.

The Mastermind Group can choose to extend beyond the program timelines with or without a coach facilitator.

In a phase of puzzling challenges, Mastermind Groups enhance success.

Mental Fitness Program Details

Guided by Kerri, a certified Positive Intelligence Coach, this program is the globally acclaimed Positive Intelligence ® method that builds the outbound employee's Mental Fitness. It draws on breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science. It has been validated through research covering 500,000 participants at all levels within a variety of organizations in 50 countries. When building Mental Fitness, clients are cued to do simple exercises using a proprietary app on their device. The proven outcomes are: enhanced performance, peace of mind/wellness, and improved relationships.

Positive Intelligence (“PQ”) is ideally suited to a career transition period. By becoming conscious of limiting beliefs and triggers that cause a lack of productivity, creativity, ineffective connections, and stress, individuals can have better outcomes in their career search.

Applying the PQ program will ensure a simpler transition during a career search which helps to protect your employer brand and minimize risk and litigation. The PQ program is aligned to address the challenging realities of a career search and create more openness to possibilities.

Exclusive App Guiding Daily Practice

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