Why Coaching?

Why work with a Coach?

Coaching is for winners who are committed to achieving a new career position.

I will guide you through a transition process that has brought success to many others.

As your coach, I expertly ignite you to action. Guiding you through a proven process, you will set a clear strategy, develop all collateral to market yourself successfully in the competitive marketplace, enhance your skills in networking and interviewing, and develop Mental Fitness so that you move through this and future transitions with focus, resilience, and well-being.

You are an expert in the work you do in your career. I am an expert in coaching you to find your next targeted position.

The Coaching Process

No one particularly wants to be in a career search, but when you land the job you want, it makes it worth the effort. When you are ready to move from want to have, I partner with you to clarify your career intention and your next career step, then we connect the pieces and ignite your journey with Mental Fitness to reach your goal, swiftly and successfully.

We meet on a structured schedule that aligns with your transition timing goal. You will have clear and measurable actions to take between meetings with videos for reference and to support your growth plus access to me between meetings. We set our focus and timelines to leverage your strengths in your career search. The process is customized to support your success while minimizing unwanted stress for you. You will achieve more in less time and with less stress. No longer will you be researching what to do, instead you will be focused on doing what is the most impactful to your career search.

As your coach, I equip you to:

  • Confidently focus your energy to a targeted industry and position
  • Differentiate yourself with a compelling career brand statement
  • Leverage your best practice resume and social media profile
  • Actively and successfully network
  • Impactfully interview to become the finalist candidate
  • Negotiate the offer for your goal position
  • Experience a simpler transition with greatly reduced stress

The Coaching Impact

Before Coaching...
Can you relate?

  • I spend a lot of time researching best practices but I am still not confident
  • I apply but I am not selected for an interview
  • I watch “how to” videos but I don’t practice
  • I avoid networking and prefer to make contacts with emails
  • I go to sleep worried and I wake up worried

With Coaching...
Can you imagine?

  • I have a plan developed with an expert
  • I can move through this process quickly with less stress on me
  • I am accountable to do what is necessary for my success
  • I can practice and get feedback to help me network effectively
  • I am more confident and focused to create an impact in my interviews

Career Coaching & Consulting

When you are ready to move from want to have in your career, Kerri will guide you with expertise gained from 20 years of experience in recruitment and selection and best practices knowledge deepened by her doctorate degree focused on diversity recruitment and selection in Canada. Kerri’s clients benefit from a proven process with demonstrated success across a variety of industries and levels of career position.

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As an Employer you want the best for your transitioning outbound employees, helping them solve this puzzling time in their career.

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When you are in a career transition, by choice or unexpected, put the pieces in place to create success.