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Dr. Kerri Thompson

Simpler Transitions Coach

"I serve people who want a simpler career transition."

Kerri’s expertise will support your simpler transition. Using her research-based, proven process you can transition swiftly and successfully. Career transition is like a puzzle with many pieces and it can look like an overwhelming process until a professional coach guides you. Kerri has been active in the recruitment profession for 20 years and knows what stands out with recruiters and hiring managers. As a certified professional coach Kerri reduces your stress in this transition and coaches you to develop skills that will serve you life-long.

Whether your goal is to be hired for your next career position, first position out of school, first career position coming to Canada, or your return-to-work position, Kerri has the expertise to guide your simpler transition.

Kerri has a depth of knowledge of recruitment gained in three important ways: 1. Executive recruitment professional (executive search consultant), 2. Executive leader of recruitment for a major Canadian organization and 3. Doctorate in Business Administration focused on diversity recruitment.

If you are in a career search, by choice or by circumstances, Kerri can help you achieve better results – swiftly and successfully.

Dr. Kerri Thompson is a certified coach for Conversational Intelligence®, Narrative Coaching®, and Positive Intelligence®. Kerri will partner with you to leverage the neuroscience of what motivates you and the hiring/selection teams you will meet in your career search. Knowing the science of how to build trust and take conversations deeper than a buy/sell baseline, you become not only more memorable and valuable to potential employers, you also will experience more joy in your own life. Choose a simpler transition for yourself by partnering with Kerri to guide you through the career search process and to coach you in building your Mental Fitness. The benefits of this choice will impact you much more than you even dared to hope.

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Why do clients choose Kerri?

  • Expert knowledge in recruitment to share with you through a proven process to direct your simpler transition.
  • Specialization in diversity recruitment and selection. Because Canada has a diverse population it is critical to understand the dynamics of diversity recruitment. You will be equipped to present your candidacy in the most compelling way.
  • Focus on Mental Fitness. This for many is a stressful time and coaching you to build your Mental Fitness gives you an advantage during networking, interviewing, and offer negotiating. Reducing stress and building resiliency during your career transition has lasting benefits that become a life advantage.
  • Access to Kerri's professional network of 1,000s of leaders provides you with unique networking options.
  • Utilizing a proven process with deep knowledge of recruitment you experience a simpler transition.

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